UXdesign.be aims to be a user experience and interface design consultancy platform for people who want to take digital projects from an idea to a finished product. Solid understanding of digital design and the underlying technology give our consultants a hands-on approach. We always aim to please both clients and customers by creating meaningful and enjoyable digital experiences.

We specialize in User Centered Design, Interface Design and Rapid Prototyping

Who I am

Pieter-Jan Feys

Concept and User Experience Designer

Experience Design 90%
HTML5/CSS3 95%
Interactive Prototyping 80%
Visual Design 90%

How we work

As a UX expert platform, UXdesign.be was central to the delivery of some of the largest projects within Digipolis: the A-welzijn project, a large and ongoing project to redesign the old OCMW Antwerp ‘E-vita’ software into a modern and vibrant web-based and user-centered piece software that OCMW employees enjoy to use. Central to this new methodology were workshops and interviews with end-users to get the requirements absolutely right.

UXdesign.be was contacted to bring expert knowledge to Digipolis Antwerp, and to have a transformative role in bringing this new way of thinking also to Business Analyst teams and Development teams. Together with the UX team we first created awareness through presentations. After that we identified and changed some of the processes (such as the creation of SMART User Stories). To aid the Interface Design process we conceived the TINK platform, which is a HTML framework to build web-based applications. This platform was created to allow us to do rapid prototyping of application ideas for testing purposes.


Sportwereld Live


A Welzijn platform OCMW Antwerpen